Who I am:

I am currently a senior public relations student at Texas Tech University and I will graduate in May. I’ve held a job since I was 15 years old and have worked in retail, restaurants and sales. I am currently a Marketing Intern at Benchmark Business Solutions. I plan on moving back to Dallas this summer. Until then, the job hunt is on.

What I can bring to the table:

In the sub-menus above (move cursor over “Hire Me”) I have uploaded my resume and the results from the DISC. If you are unfamiliar with the “DISC” test, it’s basically a personality test that analyzes your skills for the work place. For me, I believe these results came pretty close to accurate. Of the four letters, I scored highest in the category D* (look at the bottom of this page to see what exactly this means).

Who I want to work for:

I desire to work for a company where I can build on my skills while making lasting relationships. I thrive the most in environments where I work with people I not only like, but trust. I cherish environments where I work with people who I can eventually refer to as my “friends” and not just my “co-workers”.

*D: Decisiveness- They tend to solve new problems very quickly and assertively. They take an active and direct approach to obtaining results. The key here is new problems such as those that are unprecedented or haven’t happened before. There may also be an element of risk in taking the wrong approach or developing an incorrect solution, but those with a High D score are willing to take those risks, even if they may be incorrect.