***Update: I have rebranded my blog. To see the what’s been going on, please visit me at www.thecandidmillennial.com – hope to see you there!***

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and I hope there’s something fun & useful for everyone who visits.  The main goal of this blog is to share my experiences as a young adult living in Dallas. I like to write about the places I go, things I find and people I meet.

A little about me: I am an account executive for a digital marketing agency. Born and raised, Dallas is my city and I spend my free time exploring the place I call home. Writing and being creative is my hobby. People entertain me. Business drives me. Love keeps me grounded. But most importantly, God is who made my life and the people in it possible.

Nearly two years post-grad, living in Dallas, I’ve learned a thing or two. There’s something here for everyone. The occasional roller blade escapade down the Katy Trail or jog along White Rock lake is a weekend morning well spent for the more active crowd. Happy hour in Uptown, West Village or Deep Ellum helps soothe the mind that thinks too much about work, stress or just life in general. Hot (or Bikram) yoga is my meditation of choice. Lifetime Athletic has killer yoga, pilates and barre classes. A couple of goals this year: focus on this website, join a young professionals group for marketing or entrepreneurs, build a recording studio and starting writing a business plan.

| Purpose |

The purpose behind this site has evolved over time. It started out as a way to share my creative writing with advertising and marketing jobs I was applying for, but now that I’m not on the job hunt, the site’s focus has shifted. About two years ago, I graduated college and found myself lost and confused on what my purpose was in life. After spending over 20 years being told what I should do and how to do it through both my education and work experiences, I was given a diploma that came with all the freedom in the world to determine my destiny. Anxiety, stress and loss of faith in “valley” times comes with the gift of freedom. I want to share my story on how I overcame my post-grad anxiety in hopes to help others who may be feeling the way I did understand that A) it’s completely normal and B) it will pass. Consistent themes throughout this site include my thoughts on being a twenty-something business professional and the excitement of finding passion during a busy schedule. Among many topics, I like to write about marketing & business, exploring Dallas, deals and steals in fashion, interior design, fitness & health, career development and just life in general.

| Beginnings |

I first found out I was a creative person when I was in the third grade. A teacher of mine made a big deal over one of the papers I wrote, and since then, I continued to write and get noticed for it. I won many awards through school on my papers. With a load of writing intensive courses in college, I managed to make the deans list and was offered opportunities to be paid for my writing to be published online. Now that I’m post-grad and past the days of required writing assignments..here I am! Using this blog as an outlet to write and share the things I feel are relevant, interesting or simply funny.

| Tone |

I try not to take myself too seriously and like to make jokes… often. Afterall, life is too short to be stiff, and I hear they do say laughter is the best form of therapy?! A dry sense of humor mixed with sarcasm lives within my articles.

In the short twenty something years I’ve lived so far, I’ve found humor during times of sorrow, love in times of hate, and faith during times I wanted to give up. Through my posts, I’m here to prove that mistakes are simply opportunities to blossom and grow.

To see my most recent blog posts, click here. There you’ll also find links to articles I’ve written for websites. My first published article can be found here. Last but not least, connect with me here!


~Mary E. Robb