KYLIE Matte Lip Kit: Koko K & Kristen



Okay ya’ll – I have a confession. Clearly, you can see I caved and decided to try out not one, but TWO of Kylie Jenner’s lip colors: Koko K & Kristen. After trying both colors last night for the very first time, I have to admit that I am in LOVE with this product.

To be honest, when this line first launched, I thought it looked cheap and was just another scheme for the Kardashian family to generate income with their name attached to a product. But after testing the two colors and wearing Koko K all day today, I am definitely a believer in this product. I can’t wait to purchase more colors!

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Bravo’s New Show “Summer House” Causes Serious FOMO

I’m trying something new here. I want to talk about Bravo AKA my favorite [guilty pleasure] TV channel and their new show that I am currently obsessing over: Summer House.

It’s no secret that Bravo has some sort of strategic plan to take over the reality TV world with their well thought out, semi-scripted and brilliantly produced TV shows (shout out Andy Cohen!). And I’m one of the suckers who falls for it every. Damn. Time. After watching the first episode of this new millennial-targeted series, it left me feeling major FOMO (fear of missing out). I’ll be checking out AirB’N’B for summer houses in Austin later…

Let’s back up a second. I know what some people might be thinking. Bravo is trash TV. It’s a bunch of narcissistic women with too much time on their hands, looking to cause unnecessary drama just to make their otherwise non-exciting daily lives go by a little faster. And while I might partially agree with this opinion, I also find it very entertaining AND hilarious. Because to be honest, my life is pretty basic. I work a full-time digital marketing job, I work out sometimes, I cook, I like hanging out with my boyfriend, friends and family, I have a dog. And I guess I sometimes write blogs. But the intense drama isn’t a daily thing for me; so sometimes it’s exciting to stir the pot! (Real Housewives fans will like this one).

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St. Thomas: Travel Guide

As I write this post, I am truly at a loss for words (friends may find this hard to believe… somehow I always have something to say :X) But I really am having a hard time finding the words to describe the remarkable beauty we encountered throughout this entire trip. To explain the feelings I had upon departure of the island, my eyes quickly filled with tears as the taxi dropped us off at the Cyril E. King airport. I was saddened to put an end to a week full of exploring, relaxing, reconnecting with the earth around me, and simply clearing my mind in order to return home refreshed and refocused. After doing some research on Pinterest, Google and the traditional asking locals around town, I can confidently share what I feel to be a solid list of things to do in St. Thomas!

Get $300 To Visit The US Virgin Islands in 2017

YES!!! It’s true – visit any of the US Virgin Islands this year and get a free $300 to use on tours, kayaking, dive shops or anything that offers historical perspective on the islands.

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NuMe Lustrum Hair Wand – Review + First Time Using

Hi everyone~ I hope you had a lovely Christmas! My favorite time of the year, mostly because it means we’ll be trying out and playing with new toys! This Christmas I decided to gift myself with the amazing NuMe Lustrum hair wand. They were running a deal on Groupon – only $99 for the entire set. && guess what?!? It’s still on sale here! Naturally I had to buy it for myself, and I had to try it for the first time on the blog!

This YouTube video is a clip of me trying the NuMe Hair Wand for the FIRST TIME EVER  ~ so yes, I am not an expert at using the wand yet. BUT – that’s besides the point. I absolutely LOVE this wand. It comes with five separate attachments to match the five different moods you find yourself in on the reg (or maybe you only have one mood-that’s cool too!). The wand is hot enough to keep your hair curled all day with just a little hair spray. They also provide you with a glove so when you’re a newb like me, you don’t scorch your precious fingers on the iron because let me tell you, it’s not a cakewalk in the beginning.

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Digital Summit Dallas 2016: A Millennial’s Perspective + 8 Things All Marketers Should Know in 2017

The Digital Summit Dallas 2016 was simply awesome! So, I decided to talk about it.

DISCLAIMER – I filmed this clip at the end of Day 2 of the Digital Summit. I moved homes last week and after two long days attending a conference where my attention was demanded all day, the little wheels in my brain were slowing down. Or maybe it was the networking hour that got to me. You’ll never know.


I felt my video didn’t cover all of the wonderful things I discovered, therefore I’ve put together a quick little blog summary of the new things learned from the conference that all marketers in 2017 should know. Enjoy!

Digital Summit Dallas Recap
8 Things Marketers Should Know in 2017 – The Candid Millennial
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Fall Fashion On A Budget That Every Millennial Can Afford

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The tricky part about being a millennial is constantly being exposed to people’s lavish lifestyles via their instagram feeds and feeling some sort of FOMO around “why can’t I have that” or “why can’t I look like that” or “what’s his secret?”… I say NO more. Here are some ideas on how to rock fall fashion this year on a millennial budget!

Nothing gets me more excited than finding cute clothes that don’t equal a weeks or months worth of salary. Well, let me take that back. Yes! I like finding good deals and sharing them with everyone I can think of. But I get even MORE excited whenever I meet super cool motivated millennials who take their dreams and make them a reality. This fall fashion focused post was created in collaboration with a dear friend slash phenomenal photographer – Gernelle Nelson. Here’s a quick story about our collaboration:

It was a Sunday afternoon whenever I met Gernelle at her photography studio for the first time in downtown Plano. I brought about a dozen pieces of clothing with no clue which items I wanted to wear. Gernelle helped me pick the top 3 outfit choices and we went to work! She helped me feel at ease and did a really great job at getting me in the perfect poses. We took shots both inside her studio and outside on the historic streets of downtown Plano. I don’t think I’m a natural at getting my photos taken, but she is the first photographer that has truly made me feel like she could take my photos to the next level. The proof is below!

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The Miracle Lipstick That Stays On All Day


No. Frickin. Way.

That’s what I thought when a friend on Facebook added me to a group filled with photos of women with these GORGEOUS lips and promises of long lasting color – 12+ hours to be exact! This intrigued me because now that I’m in full adulting mode, I’ve been relentlessly trying to find the best lip colors for work and most importantly – color that LASTS.

“This can’t be actually be legit” & “This is just another pyramid scheme” & even WORSE..”No one even knows what this is” are all thoughts that ran through my head.  I quickly learned how wrong I was…

I like to think I can’t be sold, but who am I kidding?! I like trying new things once, just to get my feet wet, and then will come back for more if I like whatever it is that I tried. After several months of getting Facebook notifications from this group, I finally caved and took the bait. I ordered my first LipSense color. Watch my review below!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a beauty blogger; however – I do want to share content that is honest, authentic and non-bias. I don’t get paid to do my blog posts and I purchase the products I talk about. Click here to learn how to solve all of your non-lasting lipwear problems & purchase this FABulous product.

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#Winning On Instagram – Industry Secrets To Increasing Engagement


Currently, the social media channel that consumes half of my free time is Instagram with Snapchat just barely coming in second. But I’ve found that keeping up with the most recent social media channels can be almost as challenging as keeping up with the Kardashians. To avoid making yourself or your business look like an amateur on Instagram, I put together a list of my favorite tips that can help you become an Instagram pro!

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Prepless Porcelain Veneers: My Journey


Last week I completed the process of getting prepless porcelain veneers on my front four teeth. I am actually pretty excited to share my porcelain veneer journey, although some people might think “oh my gosh why is she telling the world she had work done?!!?!” but in all honesty, I’ve been an open book my entire life about many things and I don’t plan on closing the book anytime soon. I did a TON of research before moving forward with the procedure, and thanks to many of my fellow YouTubers, I felt much more prepared and confident in moving forward. If I can help just one person make a more educated decision, I have accomplished what I came here to do. Please keep negative comments to yourself and let me know if you have any questions about the process! I’m happy to help!

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What Millennials Want From The Workplace: 6 Things We Desire


NERD ALERT: I subscribe to the emails because I aspire to one day be successful on my own after starting my own business…in the mean time, I enjoy reading up and performing research on the different/random aspects of business. One area that I’m drawn to is hiring and maintaining strong and loyal talent. If I want my own business one day, I’m going to need key people to help me get sh*t done. In the process, I’m going to need to be aware of what these key people need in order to remain both successful and happy.

Then I found this article on what MILLENNIALS care about and what they wish employers understood about them. I loved this article and found it very agreeable. I wanted to use this as a conversation starter for my latest vlog post: What do you care about when it comes to the workplace? What can an employer do to make you happy and stay with their company? Click on my vlog below & subscribe for future updates, let’s talk!


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